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WOD Timer


3…2...1…GO! Never miss a second with the GBRX WOD Timer. For interval training, tabata, or as a running clock, you can completely customize the timer for any type of workout. Quickly start, pause, stop, or jump into a Fight Gone Bad workout from up to 120 ft. away with the push of a single button, making it easy to change the number of rounds, length of rest, length of the workout, or adjust from a countdown to a count-up option. You can even save programs! Crystal clear display that is visible from several hundred yards away and loud countdown sound makes this timer perfect for large groups of athletes. The timer has a 10 second countdown programmed for every workout to get athletes time to get in the zone and chimes four times at the end of the countdown for 3-2-1-GO, also at the end of a timed workout. Programmable clock 12/24 Hours (HH:MM format), 12H display format: H2 HH:MM, 24H display format: H1 HH:MM. Ability to count up or down, the countdown function is MM:SS – from 00:00 up to 99:59, while the stopwatch works as MM:SS:ss (1/10s) (1/100 s) format and goes from 00:00:00 up to 99:59:99. Tabata/Intervals - Programmable Work to Rest Intervals. Display Format [F1 MM:SS & C1 MM:SS] where F = Work Period, C = Rest Period. When programming, clock will show F# (F and a number pertaining to the work interval or round, i.e. F1 = 1st round of work, F2 = 2nd round of work, etc.) during the training period, then once work interval is completed C# (C and number pertaining to the rest interval or round) will show for the rest period/interval. For instance: If you program 5 rounds of work and rest, then F1-F5 will show during your work interval and C1-C5 will show during your rest periods. Included are 2 wall mounting brackets, a 110/220V AC adaptor, and easy to use remote control. Remote control batteries are not included.