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Liquid Chalk


Working out makes you sweat. Sweat makes it difficult to maintain your grip on the bar. But don’t worry, GBRX has you covered. Literally. We have created our own line of fine-quality chalk to eliminate those sweaty palms, maximize your weightlifting gains and to master those tricky gymnastic movements. Using chalk in general can eliminate the need for lifting straps – accelerating your grip and forearm development, and is essential for any real progress. GBRX Chalk additionally gives you the longevity you need during sets, because it was created with an added drying agent, minimizing any reapplications. Portable, less expensive than other options for grip control, and comes in a variety of options – you’re going to love the way you lift. Made for easy control and application, GBRX Chalk is available in the GBRX Chalk Block (60g), the GBRX Chalk Ball (60g) which comes in a refillable mesh pouch, or GBRX Liquid Chalk (100ml), which gives you all the feel of regular chalk, with virtually no mess. Keeps your bag, bar, and floor free of any chalk dust. Refills for the Chalk Ball and Set of 8 Chalk Blocks are also available.