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GBRX has teamed with Brute Force to bring you the most superior sandbag on the market. These bags are as TOUGH as the incredibly strong men and women who use them. A first choice of not only strongmen athletes, MMA facilities, and collegiate-level training programs nationwide, but also by our U.S. Navy and many of our police and fire departments across the country. Brute Force is an amazing company which started out of a garage in Denver, Colorado in 2012. They hold themselves to the highest industry and manufacturing standards which is the only way GBRX knows how to roll. Made this partnership a no-brainer. Hands down the best, most resilient, no-bull, give-them-all-you've-got, bags we've ever seen.

  • "Battle tested from the Box to the front lines of the US Military."
  • Each bag comes with one sandbag shell as well as appropriate size and quantity of filler bags according to your purchase selection.
  • 45 LB total weight capacity bags come with one sandbag shell and one 45LB capacity filler bag.
  • 75LB total weight capacity bags come with one sandbag shell, one 45LB filler bag, and one 25LB filler bag.
  • Dimensions of fully expanded bag: 30"x13"
  • Made from 1000D Military-Spec Cordura
  • Each bag has 4 sets (8 total) of flexible soft-grip handles
  • Filler bag(s) have double velcro closure
  • Reinforced inner webbing
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Made in CO, USA
  • How to Use:
  • Note: Our bags are shipped empty to save you on shipping! Buy the sand you need for $4 a bag at most hardware stores. (You can also use any free sand from the beach or wherever you are located. Just make sure that it is clean and free of anything that could puncture your filler bags.)
  • Open the double Velcro filler bags and fill them with the desired amount of sand.
  • Place the filled filler bag(s) long ways inside the sandbag shell.
  • Zip the sandbag shell shut, and tuck the zipper underneath the zipper tab.