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About Us


GBRX was founded by a group of fitness enthusiasts born and raised in Detroit - the Motor City – industry, creativity and innovation is in our DNA. We are not afraid of hard work or dirty hands and the blood coursing through our veins is red, white and blue, baby.

OUR MISSION is to deliver the best possible gear to the fitness community while remaining unquestionably dedicated to our fan base and also supporting our local economy. 

We are committed to bringing only the highest quality products to our community. The GBRX brand is Michigan-built and American-made. Our products are locally sourced as often as possible and the additional brands we’ve chosen to carry are also by-and-far smaller companies, USA-made, and always top quality.

Our attention to detail, passion for wellness and strong work ethic are the forces driving our relentless pursuit of bringing the best, and only the best, to our loyal customers. YOU are the reason we exist and the driving force behind all we do. We are motivated by the notion that good products develop from listening, instead of talking.

Our customers have our cell phone numbers. We regularly sit down to eat with our athletes and their families. We know our subcontractors’ significant others by their first names. We believe good business starts with an honest conversation and sincere handshake. Yes, we are a smaller, family-run company, but we believe that is one of our best qualities. And we like it that way.

With humility, we passionately support and serve those around us. We are thankful for those who have pioneered the rebirth of fitness - you know who you are. We are believers. We are hard workers. We are passionate and patriotic to our core. WE ARE GBRX.